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Mr Cash Loans

Mr Cash Loans is here to help you with unplanned and unexpected financial expenses.

Are you still struggling to secure yourself a loan at the banks? Look no further than Mr Cash as they have a solution just for you.

It goes without saying…

… It’s very difficult getting a loan in South Africa while blacklisted.

But lenders such as Mr Cash Loans have managed to find a way of offering personal loans to blacklisted or bad credit people.

Here’s more about Mr Cash Loans

Mr Cash Loans aim at providing people with access to online personal loans in a timely manner.

They mainly deal with online loans only.

Whether you wish to consolidate your debt or just a personal loan, Mr Cash has a solution for you.

Loan solutions are personalised to meet your financial needs and expectations.

Mr Cash Loans are unsecured personal loans. You do not need to provide any collateral against your loan application.

You can qualify for a loan between R3,000 up to R150,000. Interest rates and repayment terms depends on your credit ratings.


The company operate the business under strict compliance with the National Credit Act. So, you’re never going to get loan amount you cannot afford to pay back. As much as you can qualify for Mr Cash Loans online, your application will still go through necessary checks.

It gets better:

When you complete the application form online, you will get an instant approval status. Unlike banks, the process with Mr Cash will not take anything more than 3 days.

Once your application is processed and approved, money will be deposited directly into your banking account within 24 hours.

You are more than welcome to spend the money as you please.

Just a quick advice, never take credit when it’s not necessary. Take credit when you have run out of options.

Now, how would Mr Cash help with a personal loan?

Getting a loan

Mr Cash Loans is not a credit provider but rather, a loan broker that connects loan seekers with legitimate credit providers.

Hence, they’re able to provide you with a variety of loan options even if you’re blacklisted.

Mr Cash will charge you an initiation fee on successful applications. You will not have any agreement with Mr Cash Loans but a lender whom you’ve chosen.

And the application process is fairly simple you know. Complete the online application form with your correct details, more specifically contact details.

A consultant will be assigned to you for further assistance. They will give you free financial advice to help make a sound decision about your loan.

You will be required to meet the following criteria, to qualify:

  • You must be permanently working for at least 6 months.
  • You must be a South African citizen over 18 years old.
  • Baking statement to which your salary is paid.
  • You won’t be assisted if you’re under administration, debt review or sequestration.

Otherwise, use Mr Cash Loans calculator to better understand your loan details. The calculator will show you the interest charged, your principle debt and monthly installment.

To find out more information about Mr Cash Loans, speak to a consultant on 087 822 1779.

You can ask them anything, questions and information you may need for your loan.

Alternatively, visit www.mrcashloans.co.za and read more.