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When it comes to sending money immediately, FNB eWallet stands out to be the best in South Africa.

Here’s why…

FNB eWallet allows you to send money instantly to anyone in South Africa.

And I’ve personally used eWallet to help friends and family with money across the country.

Want to know the best part?

Your friend doesn’t need to have a FNB banking account but valid cellphone number – ONLY.

Reasons Why You Should Use FNB eWallet Today

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to send money to anyone in South Africa – but what’s so special about eWallet?

First, let me say FNB is known to be a leader in banking innovations.


FNB eWallet service is a cost effective, most convenient and fastest way of sending money.

You can send up to R3 000 per transaction. It’s only going to cost not higher than R14.00 per send.

Fees depend on the amount you want to send at that time.

If you were to send amount up to R1 000, the cost-fee would just be R10.95. And R13.95 for anything between R1001 and R3000.

Whoever you send the money to (the recipient), can withdraw at any of the FNB ATMs across the country. Your friend and family can spend the money however they want.

A recipient of that transaction can do the following with money – just a quick suggestion:

  • Spend the money at selected retail stores
  • Buy prepaid airtime, data and electricity
  • Pay for goods and services at selected merchants using FNB Cell Pay Point

The service works very simple, even non-tech people can understand how it works easily.

Here’s how it works

1. Sending money

With eWallet, you can send money they way you want.

Send the money using any of the FNB’s convenient digital channels.

You can use cellphone banking, online banking, banking mobile app, and atm. Fees are the same but differs in limits.

You can send up to R1 500 with FNB cellphone banking and atm channels. And R3 000 with online and mobile app channels.

Very convenient – right?

2. Withdraw the money

You have two options to collect your FNB eWallet money.

You can use the ATM or at selected SPAR retailers.

ATM eWallet withdrawals

An the ATM, select eWallet services.

  • Input your cellphone number
  • Input the pin
  • Withdraw your money

At a retail store

You can collect your money at selected Spar stores with your cellphone.

  • Dial *120*277*4# and follow the steps.
  • You will automatically receive a one time PIN (OTP) and a reference number on your cellphone (the OTP expires after 30 minutes).

Ask for your amount from the cashier. The cashier will then require your cellphone number and pin.

Get your money instantly.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all eWallet-supported retailers in South Africa:

  1. Savoy SPAR
  2. Myezo SPAR
  3. Sutherland Ridge SUPERSPAR
  4. Northcrest SUPERSPAR
  5. Ngqeleni SUPERSPAR
  6. Lighthouse SPAR
  7. Lighthouse TOPS
  8. Bray’s SPAR
  9. Limpopo SPAR
  10. Limpopo TOPS
  11. Thohoyandou SPAR
  12. Thohoyandou TOPS
  13. Randgate SPAR
  14. Randgate TOPS
  15. Umlazi Megacity SPAR
  16. Umlazi TOPS

3. eWallet reversals

Not many banks offer this capability.

FNB eWallet facility allows you to reverse transactions sent to wrong people.

Simply call the FNB helpline on 087 575 9405 to request an eWallet reversal.

Though, FNB doesn’t guarantee your money will be returned, but certainly if you call them immediately, they’ll be able to assist.

FNB will not be held liable for money sent to an incorrect cellphone number.

For more information, visit www.fnb.co.za and read more.

Heard about eWallet Extra? We will cover this topic in a separate article.

FNB eWallet: Reasons Why You Should Use eWallet
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FNB eWallet: Reasons Why You Should Use eWallet
Here we give you reasons why you should use FNB eWallet over any other service out there. It's convenient, your money is sent securely and immediately.
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