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Finbond Loans

What would you do with Finbond Loans up to R20 000?

Maybe you need money to further your studies, renovate your home, fix vehicle, go on holidays and so on.

Findbond bank loan is a short term loan available at fixed monthly installments and flexible repayment terms.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for customised personal loans, then Finbond credit is worth considering.

Let’s go.

Finbond Loans Benefits

Why choose to take Finbond loan?

Loans are offered by Finbond Mutual Bank, a well-established credit provider operating since 2003.

Finbond is an authorised financial services provider and registered credit provider. Finbond operate the business under strict compliance with the National Credit Regulator.

They offer quite a wide range of products and services, one of which we’re discussing today is Finbond Credit.

You can qualify for Finbond loans from R500 right up to R20 000. You can choose to pay the loan over 20 months.

The best part?

Your monthly installments remain fixed for the term of the loan. This gives you the opportunity to budget well and manage monthly cash flow without stress.

You don’t need any security to qualify for Finbond bank loan. The bank uses unsecured credit approach to process your loan application.

Loans are personalised to meet your needs and expectations. If you have good credit rating, then you stand a chance to qualify for bigger amount.

Once your loan application is approved, you can spend the money however you want.

It gets better.

It’s very simple and safe to apply for the loan.

Getting your money

To apply for Finbond loans, SMS “credit” to 45040 and a consultant will contact you back.

A consultant will walk you through the process and educate you about the loan so you could make sound financial decisions.

You’ll be required to submit the following documents:

  • Certified copy of your ID or Smart ID
  • Payslip – latest 3 months
  • Bank statements – latest 3 months
  • Certified proof of address

That’s all.

Findbond will perform necessary checks to see how much you qualify for. They’ll look at your salary VS monthly expenses.

The process will determine affordability for your convenience.

You could also apply online by completing the Finbond loan application form.

What if you’re blacklisted?

Could you qualify for Finbond loans when you’re blacklised?

Being blacklisted isn’t the end of the world, you can get money from lenders.

Though we couldn’t confirm with Finbond, we know for sure they offer unsecured loans.

If you read more about unsecured short term loans, you’ll learn that loans are granted based on affordability.

You might have had bad credit history but picked yourself up and trying to fix your debts.

Just pick up your phone and call Finbond to find out if you qualify for personal credit.

It’s worth trying.

Get in touch with Finbond Mutual Bank

For more information about Finbond Loans, visit www.finbondmutualbank.co.za and read more.

You will find contact details you could use to get more detailed information about the bank’s credit solution.

Hope that helps.